“When experiencing Torben Gammelgaard's unique interpretation of animals you discover that they contribute with more than first meets the eye. The weird creatures are both humorous and good-natured as well as holding a melancholy that makes them mirror the human world and existence.”
Tina Kristensen, art historian
“Torben Gammelgaard has great success in France. Soon he will be having an exhibition at the internationally recognized gallery, Galerie Lisette Alibert in Paris. The combination of naïvism, abstraction, wonderful colour combinations and a subtle twinkle in the eye, results in the fact that Torben Gammelgaard’s artwork sticks to your mind long after you have left the room.”
Kunstavisen (Denmark's largest art magazine)
“Great for the eyes”
Kunstavisen (Denmark's largest art magazine)
“Gammelgaard has found his very own place on the Danish art scene. A place that deservedly has given him a big audience.
Tom Jørgensen, editor at Kunstavisen (Denmark's largest art magazine)
“The joy of life literally welcomes me, when I enter Torben Gammelgaard’s studio…
Flemming Flyvholm, author – from the book ‘101 artists’
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